The Menu

The Siam Supper Club's menu is a throw back to a time when a meal was a meal.

Like our wines the menu is a cosy combination of the best in luxurious flavours. Aged grilled tenderloin steaks, the very freshest seafood, tender veal and lamb cooked to perfection, pastas and original pizzas all serve to satisfy travelling and local patrons with the comfort of passionate preparation, cooking and presentation.


Our famous desserts can only be described as sensuous “fait accompli” to a wonderful meal.


Soups and Salad






  • Tenderloin and Ribeye are served with a choice of the following:

    Mashed potatoes or french fries or baked potato with sour cream, bacon and shallots

    Red wine jus or peppercorn or herbed hollandaise or horseradish cream

    Grilled vegetables or green salad or rocket & parmesan salad

  • Cuisine de Phuket

    • Yam Woon Sen Talay

      glass noodle salad, squid, prawns, lime & chili

    • Larb Gai

      minced chicken salad, fresh mint, coriander, chili, Shallots

    • Pad Thai Goong

      traditional stir-fried rice noodles, prawns, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts

    • Gaeng Massaman Gai

      thai muslim curry of chicken, potatoes, shallots


    • The SSC’s Cheesecake

      with passion fruit and fresh mango

    • Apple Crumble

      with vanilla ice cream

    • Vanilla Crème Brûlée

    • Dark Chocolate Pot

    • Ice Cream

      chocolate, vanilla or strawberr

    • Sorbets

      lemon or passion fruit

    • Cheese Platter

      gruyere, brie, gorgonzola, parmesan, fig jam

    • Coffee

      caffitaly espresso or cappuccino

    • The SSC’s Irish Coffee

      caffitaly coffee, jameson whisky, kahlua, brown sugar & fresh cream